Section  248 – Certificate of Public Good


In general, all Standard Offer Projects are required to obtain a Section  248 – Certificate of Public Good (CPG) from the Vermont Public Utility Commission prior to the start of construction.  An exception to this requirement is hydroelectric projects which are under federal jurisdiction and are therefore not required to obtain a Vermont CPG.  Hydroelectric projects are permitted under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rules.  (Note that some aspects of a hydroelectric project may still need a CPG; for example a transmission line extension.)

The Vermont Public Utility Commission has issued a draft “Guide to Filing a Petition Under Section 248”.  This document provides general guidance to persons seeking to obtain a CPG.  It does not supplant actual statutory or regulatory requirements.  (See 30 V.S.A. §248 and Public Service Board Rule 5.400).  This Guide describes:

  • Participants in the 248 process,
  • the 45 day advance filing requirements,
  • the process for filing a full 248 petition,
  • the process for filing a 248j petition,
  • materials to be filed with the petition,
  • descriptions of the specific Section 248 Criteria to be addressed in the petition .